5 Great Bathroom Remodeling Themes

Bathroom Remodeling Themes

Bathroom remodeling gets a lot easier when you have a theme to follow. This provides a foundation for your choices moving forward, like your tile, cabinetry, hardware, décor, and more. There are hundreds of bathroom themes to choose from – more so than we could fit in a simple blog post. To jumpstart your inspiration though, check out these five great bathroom remodeling themes.

Beach or Nautical Themes

Bring a touch of the ocean into your home with a beach or nautical theme. Most nautical themes include references to boats, lighthouses, and other sailing elements, mostly in white and navy blue. A beach theme, on the other hand, is focused more on sand, seashells, and the soft colors of the ocean. You can use pale shades of blue with earth tones and beach-related tile work to bring the vibrancy of the ocean right into your home. If you live near the water and want some inspiration, you can pull it directly from Mother Nature.

Monochromatic Theme

If you like subtlety, you might think about working with a monochromatic theme. That means that you will use different shades of the same color throughout the bathroom to create a cohesive, simple look that is easy to enhance in the future. The most common monochromatic themes for bathrooms are grey tones, beige/brown tones, and blue tones, but you can choose nearly any color to center your design around. All you have to do is find fixtures, tiles, and other features to play into the color scheme.

NOTE: Monochromatic themes are the most neutral options on this list. If you are planning to resell your home in the future, you may opt for something like this to avoid having to remodel your bathroom another time.

Oriental Theme

Some homeowners aim to create the feeling of an Asian spa in their bathrooms. You could do the same during your bathroom remodeling to establish peace and tranquility in the bathroom. Animals like pandas, dragons, and cranes are popular in Oriental artwork, as are the colors gold, red, white, and black. Keep the lines in your bathroom very geometric, and you’ll have a theme that is easy to identify no matter what.

Rustic Theme

Rustic theming is popular in southern states, but it is starting to make its way up north as well. The goal here is to make your bathroom look like it’s in an old log cabin out in the woods. You can use aged wood, antlers, copper accents, and country-style design features to make your bathroom truly one-of-a-kind. Focus on dark/warm versions of earth tones, like hunter green and burgundy, and you will tie the whole look together.

Boutique Theme

If you want to amp up the femininity in your bathroom, you could get inspiration from a downtown boutique. Add a vanity, intense makeup lighting, and anything else you want to transform your bathroom into the dressing room of your dreams. Common colors in boutique themes include pastels, shades of pink, chrome, and accents of black and white. Bows, rhinestones, and floral prints are also popular in bathrooms like this. Customize the design to suit your personal tastes, and you will love spending time in there every day.

Your bathroom remodeling can be inspired by just about anything. Whether you find countertops that you love or a piece of art your bathroom can’t be without, you can get ideas for your theme from anything around you. Then all you have to do is find some bathroom remodelers to bring your vision to life!

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