Use Bathroom Refinishing to Expand Your Interior Design Opportunities

Bathroom Interior Design

Do your bathroom tiles and countertops limit your design opportunities? Do you want to redecorate your bathroom but you feel trapped by your current color scheme? If so, you may want to look into bathroom refinishing. You can wipe the slate clean, start fresh, and update your bathroom with one simple process. Let’s take a closer look at how bathroom refinishing could improve your interior design options moving forward.

Change the Color of Your Bathroom Tile

Bathroom tiles have gone through many color transitions over the decades. If your home still has pink, blue, mustard yellow, green or rust brown tiles, you can completely modernize your color pallet without having to replace the tiles. With our tile refinishing process, you will be able to get whatever color tile you want – something much more neutral and much easier to design around. The coating is applied directly over your existing tile, and the whole process only takes a matter of hours to complete. No demolition and no hassle. Just a beautiful transformation that you can build on.

Bathroom Interior Design: Revitalize the Look of Your Bathtub

If your bathtub is discolored, worn, or simply not the color you want it to be, you could get it refinished as well. With our bathtub refinishing services, you can change the color of your bathtub and cover up old rust stains and other issues on the surface. Best of all, if you combine bathtub refinishing with tile refinishing, there will be no grout line between the tile and the tub. The coating goes over all of the existing grout lines and the connecting line, making it easy to clean and beautiful to look at.

Transform Your Laminate Countertops into Stone

You don’t have to pay for natural stone countertops to achieve the same look. You can transform your bathroom with countertop refinishing and make your laminate counters look like granite. Once again, the coating goes right over your current counters, so you don’t have to worry about any demolition or long-term remodeling services. Countertop refinishing is a lot more affordable than countertop replacement, and it can instantly add value to your home. We have a wide variety of color combinations and patterns to choose from, so you can get the exact look you want for your bathroom.

Create a Neutral Color Pallet You Can Use Time and Time Again

When it comes to choosing the color pallet for your new bathroom, try to select neutral colors. This will give you the best chance of changing out your interior design options moving forward. Of course, you can get whatever color you want, but consider your current dilemma. If you’re already having issues with bathroom remodeling because of your tile and tub colors, you don’t want to choose colors that are going to be hard to work with in the future.

The experts here at Maryland Tub and Tile are here to help you through the selection process so you can get the best looking bathroom for your specific needs.

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