Bathroom Design Tips for Powder Rooms

powder rooms

Powder rooms are small bathrooms with a sink and a toilet. They’re designed to meet basic needs, but they do not provide the bathing services of a full bathroom. If your half bath is boring and bland, it’s time to change it up a bit. Check out these bathroom design tips for powder rooms to get inspired.

Tile vs. Wallpaper for Powder Rooms

Because powder rooms do not have showers or major moisture buildup, they don’t necessarily need tile walls. You could do a tile accent wall behind the vanity that doubles as a backsplash, but realistically, you don’t need to.

This is why many homeowners use wallpaper in their powder rooms. They can add a splash of color or a fun pattern for a fraction of the cost of tile. Paint is another great option, but wallpaper is definitely having a moment in today’s bathroom design trends.

Also note that if you have tile in your powder room, you can change the color of it. This is just as cost effective as wallpaper, and it would require less demolition work. For more info on how to change the color of your tile, refer to the bottom section of this page.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative!

Powder rooms are the perfect backdrop for a splash of creativity. If your house is mostly neutral, you can do something unique in the powder room. This won’t hurt your future selling potential much because the buyers know it’s a small room. If they don’t like what you did, they can change it for minimal time and money.

Add a funky wallpaper or a rich color on the wall. Choose an ornate mirror or a comical piece of art. Let your mind go wild with powder room design inspiration, and allow yourself to just have fun!

Dark Colors Are OK – Powder Rooms Are Naturally Small

You might be afraid to use a dark color in a small room. After all, light colors make rooms feel bigger, and dark colors make the room feel smaller.

But here’s the catch: powder rooms are always going to be small! It doesn’t matter what color you paint the room. It’s still going to be a tiny room with a toilet and a sink.

If you want a moody black bathroom or an enchanting forest green, don’t hold back. The powder room is the perfect place for your self-expression.

Incorporate Simple Storage Where You Can

Your storage options may be limited due to the tight space in your powder room. In fact, some homeowners can’t even use the vanity area for storage because they can only fit a pedestal sink. In that case, see if you have a hollow area in the wall you could possibly convert into open shelving or a medicine cabinet. You could also use shelving above the doorframe to put items you don’t need too often (extra soap, hand towels, etc.). Try to utilize every square inch of space.

Make the Most of What You Already Have

You may not need to completely remodel your bathroom. Instead, expand on what you already have. For instance, if you have tile throughout your powder room, you could get the tile refinished. That would create the feel of new tile without the time commitment or hefty price tag. If your sink is discolored or stained, simply get it refinished. Don’t replace something that still functions perfectly fine.

Maryland Tub and Tile specializes in sink and tile refinishing. We’d be happy to show you just how easy it is to remodel your powder room on a budget. Contact us at 877-717-8827 to schedule your free quote.

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