How to Choose a Bathroom Accent Wall

Bathroom Accent Wall

Accent walls are common in bedrooms and living rooms, but those aren’t the only rooms suited for a focal point. You can add an accent wall in your bathroom to wow guests and adds a touch of flare to the space. The question is, which wall should you accentuate? Here are some tips for choosing a bathroom accent wall.

Choose the Wall Directly across from the Door

The most obvious wall to accentuate is the one directly across from the door. This is what people will see when they enter the room, and it will draw their eyes all the way down. With this in mind, you may not want that wall highlighted because it holds something unattractive, like the toilet. In that case, you may want to explore the idea of other walls.

Add a Surprise Accent Wall to the Back of the Shower

If your shower is at the end of the bathroom, the back of the shower may be directly across from the door. Then again, your shower may be on the side, so the back is not noticeable when you first enter the room. With either setup, you could use the back of the shower as your accent wall. If you were getting your tile refinished, you could choose a unique color or pattern for that wall surrounded by a solid color on the side walls. There are many configurations to consider, and any one of them could work well for your bathroom.

Make Your Vanity Wall the Focal Point

Focal point vanities have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Homeowners add shiplap, wallpaper, a bold color or accent tile behind their vanities to make their bathrooms more unique. Top that off with some funky mirrors or a unique light fixture, and you’ve got a statement piece visitors will love.

Can You Have More Than One Accent Wall in a Bathroom?

Typically, a room will have one accent wall designed to draw people’s attention. Think of this like a lead singer in a band. A band could have multiple singers, but most have one standout vocalist.

If you wanted to have multiple accent walls, you might make one a little more subtle than the other. For example, if you had multicolored wallpaper behind your vanity, you might have a monochromatic pattern on the back of your shower. The goal is to not create too much visual clutter. Choose a main focus, and then select a different wall for a lesser focus.

Design Tips for Bathroom Accent Walls

Function come first for any design decision. Don’t put colorful wallpaper in a shower or another area that would be better off with tile.

Beyond the functional components, the sky is the limit with accent walls! You can choose a fun print, bold color, interesting texture, or anything in between. Note that if you choose something with texture, it may be harder to clean. A key example of this would be decorative trim pieces, which may create shallow shelves for dust and debris.

Consider working with what you already have before remodeling your entire bathroom. Instead of replacing the tile on your accent wall, get tile refinishing to change the way it looks. Before you add trim to the wall, paint it a different color to see how it looks. Maryland Tub and Tile offers a variety of bathroom refinishing services that make the most of what you already have. Call 877-717-8827 to learn more.


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