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In the world of bathroom remodeling, tub surrounds are considered an affordable way to redo your tub and shower walls without the expense of tile. While there are a number of benefits to tub surrounds, the fact is that downsides outweigh their upsides. Before you invest in a bathroom renovation that isn’t really worth the money, consider this alternative…

The Disadvantages of Tub Surrounds

The low cost of tub surrounds is the main reason why people are drawn to them. For just a few hundred dollars, you could makeover your entire tub and shower. That price, however, does not take into consideration the labor that goes into installing a tub surround. At minimum, you will need to have someone drill the appropriate holes in the tub surround and adhere it to your existing wall or tile. If you need demolition work done, that will increase your cost significantly.

Here are some other disadvantages to keep in mind:

    • Tub surrounds tend to crack with age. They are difficult to repair, so you may end up replacing your surround in just a few years (if not sooner).
    • Tub surrounds have a “cheap” look that could hurt your resale value in the future.
    • If they are not set correctly, tub surrounds can peel off the wall or allow moisture to get trapped in unreachable areas. This could lead to mold development and water damage.
    • They can be difficult to install. The instructions will make your tub surround seem easy to put in yourself, but most people end up hiring a professional for the project. This is especially true if you get an all-in-one where the tub is already connected to the walls. It takes a lot of tricky maneuvering to get that into place.
    • Depending on the style you choose, your tub surround may be difficult to clean, much like traditional tile with light-colored grout.
    • Tub surrounds aren’t built to withstand heavy abuse, so if you have children in your home, your tub may not look good for long.

From a financial standpoint alone, tub surrounds aren’t a wise investment. Combine that with their difficult installations and short lifespans, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Tile Refinishing – The Affordable, Durable Alternative

Tile refinishing and bathtub refinishing is an affordable, long-lasting alternative to tub surrounds. Our bathroom remodelers will repair any chips or cracks before the coating is installed, and then the refinishing solution is applied directly over your existing tub and tile. You can choose nearly any color you want, and you can get a beautiful new bathtub to enjoy. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about tedious cleaning because refinishing covers the grout lines!

Tub and tile refinishing lasts significantly longer than tub surrounds, and it looks much better too. At first glance, most people will assume you paid for completely new tile. You could also get new countertops by exploring our countertop refinishing options. Once again, the solution is applied over your existing countertops so you don’t have any demolition or messy cleanup to worry about.

Contact Maryland Tub and Tile or call at 877-717-8827 today to speak with one of our bathroom remodeling experts. We look forward to working with you.

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