Affordable Remodeling Solutions for All Tile Bathrooms

All Tile Bathrooms

All tile bathrooms were popular a few decades ago, but they aren’t ideal for the modern world. What once was considered a mark of style and innovation is now a giant headache for bathroom remodelers. Getting rid of the tile means gutting the bathroom, which is a costly and time-consuming process. Thankfully, there are some affordable remodeling solutions for all-tile bathrooms that will update your home without draining your bank account.

Tile Refinishing for All Tile Bathrooms

The most affordable way to instantly refresh your all-tile bathroom is through tile refinishing. A special coating is applied to the outer surface of the tile to change the color and cover the grout lines. If you have teal, clay brown, mustard, pastel pink, baby blue, or other dated colors in your tile bathroom, this will clear all of that out. You could turn your bathroom tile white, light grey, beige, speckled, or whatever color you want!

At Maryland Tub and Tile, we provide top-quality tile refinishing services for rooms of all sizes. We will repair small cracks and chips in your tile before refinishing them, and the coating will make them all look like new. There is no demolition necessary, and most projects are completed within a few hours. You can start using your bathroom within 24-48 hours, rather than waiting days or weeks for a complete bathroom remodel. Of course, you can completely redo your restroom if you’d like, but you will have higher costs and a longer wait time if you go that route.

Remove the Tile in Sections

If you want to get rid of the tile altogether, you could do the work in sections. For instance, you may tackle the wall tile first and get new drywall as needed. If you don’t want to texture over the drywall, you may be able to add decorative molding, wainscoting, and other features to make the walls look high-end. The next step might be replacing the countertops or getting a new backsplash.

The trick to replacing your tile this way is making sure that you can indeed work in sections. You also need to consider what remodeling steps you’re taking next so you don’t have to undo your current work. You wouldn’t want to replace the floor tile first if some of the wall tile connects with the floors. It would be better to do the walls and floors at the same time so you can get the best results from the start. If the shower tile flows into the wall tile, you may need to do that at the same time. You can see why this is such a frustrating process and why tile refinishing is a simpler alternative.

Wait for It to Come back in Style

Many home designs come back in style after a few decades. If you don’t mind playing the waiting game, you could see if your current bathroom becomes “modern” again. Updating the hardware, light fixtures, mirrors, and other fixtures may make your tile appear newer and better thought out. Contact Maryland Tub and Tile to learn about all these options and more, and we will help you design the budget-friendly bathroom of your dreams.

For more information about bathroom remodeling, tile refinishing, and other solutions, contact Maryland Tub and Tile a call at 877-717-8827 to schedule your free quote.

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