Add New Life to a Claw-Foot Tub

claw-foot tub

Claw-foot tubs are beautiful design icons in bathrooms. They often become the staple of the home’s interior, no matter how often they are or are not used. Because they are such a large focal point though, many people will notice when a claw-foot tub is in less-than-perfect condition. If you want to add new life to your claw-foot tub, here are some solutions to look into.

Get the Tub Itself Refinished

The easiest way to brighten and beautify a claw-foot tub is to get it refinished. The bathtub refinishing process we use here at Maryland Tub and Tile is safe for tubs of all ages and materials, including antique claw-foot tubs. We will repair any minor cracks or chips on the tub’s surface before refinishing it so the new coat looks smooth and seamless. You can choose to change the color of the tub or make it the exact same color it was before. Either way, the new glaze is sure to add new life to the claw-foot tub.

Repaint or Refinish the Feet of the claw-foot tub

Depending on what the feet of your tub are made of, you may be able to repaint or refinish them. Some are made from the same materials as the tub, which means you can have them covered as part of your bathtub refinishing. If not, you may be able to add a touch of metallic sheen to match other fixtures in your bathroom. If you have a modern claw-foot tub that doesn’t necessarily have “claws” for feet, you could choose a number of different colors to accentuate this unique design element. Just make sure you add touches of that color throughout the bathroom to keep the design cohesive.

Replace Your Bathroom Hardware and Fixtures

If your tub itself is in good condition, you may consider replacing the faucet and drain around it. Upgrading your bathroom hardware and bathroom fixtures will modernize the look of your bathroom, especially if those elements have signs of aging. The rust marks around a drain can be covered through bathtub refinishing, but replacing the drain itself can also make the tub look fresh and clean. All of these remodeling options are incredibly affordable, and so you can make small investments over time.

Refinish or Replace the Surrounding Tile

If the tile around your claw-foot tub is old and outdated, it may be time to refinish or replace it. Our tile refinishing process is similar to our bathtub refinishing process, and it can quickly transform the look of your bathroom. Best of all, if you get your tile refinished, you won’t have to worry about cleaning out the grout lines in the future. The coating goes directly on top of the grout to make cleaning a breeze in the future.

Change Your Bathroom Design

If your claw-foot tub is NOT the star of the show in your bathroom, you may want to change your design to accentuate it. Select colors and artwork that highlight the beautiful curves of the tub. Use contrasting tiles around the bathtub so it pops in any lighting. Speaking of lighting – you may want to upgrade your bulbs to cast a better hue on the claw-foot tub. With the right design eye, you can turn your claw-foot tub into a true work of art in your home.

The experts here at Maryland Tub and Tile are here to help you through the selection process so you can get the best looking bathroom for your specific needs.

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