10 Tile Refinishing Ideas to Modernize Your Bathroom

tile refinishing ideas

It’s no secret that tile refinishing can save you a tremendous amount of money. If you’ve decided to refinish your bathroom tiles, you’re now left with the task of picking a design for them. Do you want a crisp white finish, or would you prefer speckled stone? What colors will best compliment the cabinets and other elements in your bathroom? Use these tile refinishing ideas to inspire your bathroom renovation.

Keep It White and Bright

White looks great in any bathroom. It’s clean, fresh, bright and vibrant. If you are refinishing your bathtub as well, the white on the tile will blend seamlessly with the tub. Because our tile refinishing process covers the grout, you won’t have to worry about stained grout lines that detract from the beauty of white tile. Best of all, you will have far less cleaning to do in the future!

Use Stone Finishes to Create a High-End Look

One of the most popular tile refinishing ideas in Maryland is the use of stone-like finishes. We can make even the most inexpensive tile look like natural stone. You could get something in a soft color that barely contrasts your white fixtures, or you could get a dark stone finish to create a sense of warmth and coziness. Most of the homeowners that we have worked with have chosen a pale grey or beige stone speckle for their tile, but we can create just about any look you want.

Modernize Your Bathroom with a Simple Color Swap

Do the colors in your bathroom scream 90’s, 70’s, or even 50’s? Baby blue, olive green, clay brown, and mustard yellow were all on trend at some point, but they are now definitive markers of eras gone by. You can make your outdated tile look like new again just by changing the color. If you only need to do this in an isolated area, such as the shower surround or the pedestal sink, we can do that. Why replace it when it just needs a facelift?

Make Mis-Matched Tiles Look Cohesive

Replacement tiles aren’t always easy to find. In fact, sometimes it’s impossible to find a perfect match for your tile. If your bathroom went through repairs at some point, you may have a patch of tile that doesn’t look like its surroundings. This is the beauty of tile refinishing. It covers all the tile, no matter what color it is. As long as the tile’s shape is consistent with the rest of the wall, you won’t be able to tell where the repairs were.

Add Extra Tile in Select Areas

If you want to add more tile to your shower surround but can’t find a good match, you could buy mismatched tile and just recover everything. A good example of this would be if you want your shower tile to reach all the way to the ceiling. You could buy cheap tile that’s the same shape and texture as your existing tile and add it wherever you like. Then refinish the whole area to make the tiles match!

Add Visual Contrast with a Refinished Tile Stripe

Don’t want a solid wall of one color? You could have some tile refinished in a different color. For instance, you could have a mostly white tub surround with a grey tile stripe toward the top. This will break up the solid color and add some visual interest to the space. Note that additional design steps like this will require more time and may cost more money. The striped area must be taped and prepped to create that crisp line. You can get an exact price quote when you speak to your tile refinishers.

Cover Accent Borders that Date the Space

This is the opposite of the tile refinishing idea above. If you have a border or a strip of accent tile that you don’t like, you could cover it through tile refinishing. Even if the tile is a different size or shape, it can be recovered. You will be able to see the size difference in the finished product, but it will look like a subtle border, rather than a bold accent. We’ve done this in many Maryland homes, and the results have all turned out great.

Use Soft Neutrals for the Longest Lasting Results

If you want a look at will stand the test of time, opt for neutral colors in your tile refinishing. We can give you a bold color scheme if you want, but that may not be on trend in five years. Then you’ll either have to refinish the tile again or live with the quickly outdated look. With simple neutral shades, you can enjoy your refinished bathroom regardless of the trends.

Use a Darker Color for the Floor

If you are going to get your floor tiles refinished, consider a darker color than your wall tile or countertops. This will not only make your floors easier to clean, but it will make the other elements of the room stand out. Unlike dark ceilings and walls, dark floors will not make a space feel smaller. They actually make the lighter colors appear brighter, which opens up the space.

Enhance These Tile Refinishing Ideas with Other Modern Accents

You can stop the upgrades with tile refinishing alone, but why not bump it up a notch? For just a little extra money, you can complete the look with accent pieces in a modern finish. For instance, you could replace your old brass door knobs, drawer pulls and faucets with brushed gold, oil rubbed bronze or satin nickel. You might update the lighting or change out the towel racks. These finishes don’t cost much at all, but they can really show off the results from these tile refinishing ideas.

For more bathroom and kitchen remodeling tips, contact the tile refinishers at Maryland Tub and Tile.

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