How to Clean Tile Countertops

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Tile countertops are common in kitchens in bathrooms, but they aren’t exactly ideal to work with. The grout lines in between the tile will stain over time, making it difficult to keep the room looking clean. In the guide below, we will explain how to clean tile countertops to get them to look their best. We will also discuss the option of tile refinishing, which will make your counters much easier to maintain in the future. Read more

Kitchen Remodeling Techniques That Create More Space

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Who doesn’t want more space in the kitchen? This is one of the biggest complaints we hear from people when they ask about kitchen remodeling. “My kitchen is too small. I can’t do anything in it!” You may not be able to change the square footage of your kitchen, but there are some tricks you can use to create more space and help the entire home feel open and clutter-free. Check out these kitchen remodeling techniques from Maryland Tub and Tile. Read more

Top 5 Reasons to Remodel Your Bathroom

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Are you debating whether or not to remodel your bathroom? Are you worried about the cost associated with bathroom remodeling? Here at Maryland Tub and Tile, we offer a wide range of affordable bathroom remodeling services guaranteed to suit your needs and your budget. In the list below, we will go over the top five reasons to remodel your bathroom so you can determine if this is a good investment for you. Read more